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Recreational activities

  • The CEA has sports and cultural societies that either organise classes and visits or reimburse expenses such as concerts, theatre, museum entrances, etc… See the Benefits section for details.
  • Useful info from the Paris city council:
  • Things to see that are not in the guidebooks:
  • Public libraries:
    • BPI (round the back of the Pompidou Centre): really good library but long queues. Power sockets on about 50% of desks. Free Wifi but not very reliable
    • Public library opening times in Paris:
    • Bibliothèque nationale de France: less busy than the BPI but you have to buy a day pass for 3.50 euros or an annual pass for 38 euros. Power points everywhere, no Wifi but ethernet cables on some desks
  • Most museums and art galleries in Paris are free the first Sunday of every month. Most of the Paris municipal museums are free all of the time. Lots of things are free if you are under 26. If you’re going to the Louvre, enter via the shopping mall ‘Carrousel du Louvre’ to save queueing time
  • Seat61: All the info and pictures you could ever need for planning international train travel starting from Paris:
  • Capitaine Train: Site that searches across all the different train ticket types to find the best deal:
  • find people to go running with:
  • Let’s Run Paris: international running club, meets Monday evenings and Saturday mornings:
  • Eat out in Paris for less than 10 euros:
  • The post office at 52, rue du Louvre, 75001, Paris is open 24/7

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