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The CEA is a large company, and therefore is required by law to provide its employees with various benefits. They are dealt with by societies (“associations”, in French) divided per type of action. All of them are listed on this page: (CEA extranet link)

The societies include:

  • Sports clubs: many sports are represented. For some, classes are offered, for others, matches or trips are organised. In some cases members can have reduced entry rates for sport facilities close to the laboratory. (CEA extranet link)
  • Cultural society: organises a very wide range of activities, ranging from art, dance and music classes to oenology and amateur radio. You can check the full list here: In particular, discounted theatre and opera tickets are available for some of the best venues in Paris.
  • The societies for social activities (ACAS & ALAS): they offer reimbursement of social activities, such as museum visits, cinema, theatre and opera, as well as holiday expenses.

Many activities and discounts are also offered to the partners and children of CEA staff members.

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