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Company buses

The CEA has two types of company buses, which can be used by anyone working in the IPhT:

  • Navette mutualisée (shuttle shared with other companies) between Porte d'Orléans and Saclay. Here is the schedule (as of November 2019). You can track the busses live using the Zenbus app . Within the app, use the private network “navsac”.
  • CEA buses that go from the main CEA centre (a shuttle is available between the lab and there) to many places, including inside and outside Paris, but only twice a day: once in the morning and once in the evening.

Information for both the types of buses is available at:

To receive an SMS if buses are cancelled or running late, go to and create a personal account.

Public transportation

The region Ile de France has a journey planner:


The RER is a regional train that runs from Paris to Massy-Palaiseau, Le Guichet, Orsay and Gif. People often come to the lab using the RER and take a bus either at Massy-Palaiseau or Le Guichet. Note that the RER is generally considered to be rather unreliable and has frequent perturbations.

It is also possible to come to the lab by foot directly from the RER station La Hacquinière. It takes around half and hour and involves walking in a pretty steep forest which is not lit up at night:


Three bus lines arrive at Orme des Merisiers, which is the closest bus stop to the lab:

There are night buses from Paris to Gif, Orsay and other places:

  • You can travel throughout Ile de France using a Navigo Pass. The monthly cost is below 80 euros. Your employer is required by law to reimburse half of this cost if you use public transportation to go to work. You just need to provide the CEA with the receipt for your monthly or yearly subscription.
  • If you lose the receipt for a Navigo recharge, go to an RATP office (which are in large metro or RER stations) and they can give you a statement with an official stamp.


There are recently built cycle lanes around the lab. However do note that the lab is on a plateau and therefore coming by bike might involve a steep climb.

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