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Learning French

French classes

Th CEA provides french classes of 2 hours per week, at 5 different skill levels for free.

The CNRS also organises classes.


ALFAP: french language school offering cheap (but good) courses for beginner and intermediate levels in Orsay/Bures-sur-Yvette. They also organise events about french culture (

Other resources

Podcasts: RFI news in easy french ( (listen to the news every day and read the script); Déjà Vu ( (script: (a French/English radio play by ARTE and the BBC); more French/English radio plays, by RFI: L’affaire du coffret:, le Talisman brisé:; interviews with famous scientists (and they actually speak slowly and clearly, which is helpful): Les Savanturiers:

French in Action: genuinely humorous immersion video course from the 1980s. Unfortunately can only be viewed from the USA via the official site, but fairly easy to find elsewhere:

French Verb Games: Probably the most boring computer game ever created, though it must be hard to make verb conjugations exciting and it does it least test you on a large selection of them:

Memrise French: award-winning flashcard system, marginally less boring than French Verb Games:

Sites for language exchange sessions: Franglish: (organised group sessions at bars in Paris), Conversation Exchange: (post a profile, wait for the requests to arrive and arrange a meeting place)

Finding groups for sports and cultural activities: (mainly anglophone), (mainly French speaking)

Cinema: most people will be aware that films from the US/UK are frequently shown in their original language with subtitles in French in sessions marked ‘VO’ on the programme. Less well known is that it is possible to see French films with subtitles in special sessions intended for the deaf, but also good for language learners: There are also periodic cases of French films with subtitles in English:

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