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Holiday reimbursement

  • Flights, trains or boats to foreign countries for holidays longer than 5 days are partially reimburseable via CEA, see: or mail: at ACAS (a sort of CEA holiday association). CEA employees can benefit of up to 3 such reimbursements per year - see BLG office in building 608 on the main CEA center (open for visits without an appointment every day of the week between 9:00 and 12:00; for the first visit you need to show your CEA badge, your contract and your last tax refund; after that, all you will need are the tickets and boarding passes used during the trip you are trying to get reimbursed for).
  • The ACAS website and brochure also offer special discounts on family package holidays and rental villas amongst other things.
  • There are other special offers for CEA employees available from building 608, for example discount vouchers for cinema tickets, local gyms, Disneyland and stuff like that. Here’s the site with the details:
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