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Helpful organisations

  • At the CEA, a newcomer can receive help according to their needs (visa, housing, taxes…) from the International Office. However, it only helps people on contract with the CEA.
  • Science Accueil is a non-profit organization which can help with visa, housing, social security, arranging bank accounts in advance of arrival, French lessons, streamlining the residence permit process and others. Most fixed-term contract researchers in IPhT have benefited from their help.
  • Note that Science Accueil is the Orsay member of the European organization Euraxess, You can visit the Euraxess member website if you need help traveling elsewhere in Europe for scientific reasons.
  • Euraxess Paris Centre, sometimes described as BACE (Reception Office of Foreign Researchers), is separate from Science Accueil, but is also part of Euraxess. They have their offices at Cite Universitaire, but are independent from that organisation. Register with them here (they have a useful mailing list and arrange regular social events and tours at the weekend):
  • RUSF (Réseau d'Universités sans Frontière) is a non-profit organization of committed university professionals and students helping foreigners for different issues. They fight discrimination on the basis of facts and testimonies. They also take clear positions concerning the French legal frame.
  • GISTI (Groupe d'Information et de Soutien des Immigrés) is a non-profit organization which dedicates its help to juridical problems encountered by any immigrant. In practice, most people asking for a work permit are students who have graduated, so GISTI help them in particular.
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