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 +[[ utilisateurs:​postdocs:​infos_pratiques| ☚ back to overview]]
 ====== General Information ====== ====== General Information ======
-Information ​of the IPhT has been gathered into a Welcome Guide available on the IPhT website: +Information ​on the IPhT has been gathered into a Welcome Guide in French and in English, ​available on the IPhT website: 
 +It includes information on administrative steps at arrival, campus organisation,​ facilities, academic travel, holidays, healthcare, social activities, and contacts. 
 +==== Internal telephone ==== 
 +To use the internal phone line of CEA, first dial the "​2"​ and then the last four digits of your correspondents phone number. You can look these up in the IPhT [[https://​​Phocea/​Membres/​Annuaire/​index.php|annuaire]].  
 +<​note>​For example, if your correspondents IPhT phone number is +33 1 23 45 67 89, dial 2 67 89.</​note>​ 
 +[[ utilisateurs:​postdocs:​infos_pratiques| ☚ back to overview]]
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