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 ==== Cité Universitaire ==== ==== Cité Universitaire ====
-Cité Universitaire provides accommodation for researchers and students of any age in Paris close to the RER B: http://​​en/​houses/​applying-for-housing/​. ​They also offer some accommodation for families and a general advice service ​for newcomers ​to France​access-en/+Cité Universitaire provides accommodation for researchers and students of any age in Paris: http://​​en/​houses/​applying-for-housing/​. ​In the case of researchers,​ they also provide ​accommodation for families. It consists of around 40 "​maisons"​ (residencies) in a park area in the south of Paris. Many of the "​maisons"​ are related to countries ​and they try to fit people in the "​maison"​ of their country, but this is not rule. 
 +It is a particularly interesting option ​for having accommodation on arrival: one can apply online while being abroad and without any of the French documents (e.g. french paysheets) often required in the "​dossiers"​. Moreover, for those interested in living in Paris, Cité is located very close to a RER B station as well as relatively close to Porte d'​Orleans,​ so there are several options to reach IPhT from there, usually taking around an hour. 
 +Applications for accommodation must be done here It is convenient to apply as soon as possible. The application must include a CV, a certificate from your bank (not necessarily French bank) with the account details and a proof of your future job in IPhT (ask the secretaries for an "​attestation"​). Other documents may be required depending on the "​maison",​ since they are all run independently. 
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